Diginets Consultancy

Oil and Gas

Communications plays a critical role in all aspects of the Oil and Gas industry. It is fundamental for the safe, reliable, efficient and effective operations of any upstream, midstream and downstream asset. Titan ICT's expertise is best defined as applying information and communication technology to enable Oil and Gas projects to achieve success by supporting process control, safety systems and operational voice and data applications. Projects in the oil and gas industry maintain rigorous standards for safety, quality, health and environment, while undertaking serious efforts to optimize exploration and production locations. Diginets Strategies designs, engineers and implements microwave, broadband wireless, land mobile, trunked radio and WiMAX/LTE systems for many clients. These systems include point-to-point inter-platform links, as well as fixed terrestrial facilities. We work with many of the world’s leading energy telecoms companies to achieve value and high performance. Our clients receive reliable, cost-effective, quality advice based on proven methodologies, efficient tools, and stable architectures. We have provided many telecoms support in Iraq and GCC for oil & gas projects.