Diginets Consultancy

Telecoms/Goverment Regulations


DCS provides consulting services to companies operating within the telecommunications and other industries subject to government regulation. Our consultants provide the support needed to help you understand and manage the complexities, laws and regulation, spectrum and frequency allocations, contracts and compensation issues, cost analysis and competitive pricing, and product market positioning.
We are GCC and Iraq consulting firm specialized in providing high level advisory services in business, policy, and financial strategies to telecommunications and technology companies, governments and international organizations and companies.

Regulation is designed to create a level playing field for the development of competition and the sectors
  • Consumer interests
  • Investment incentives
  • The long term growth and development of the communications sector.
The following is a sample set of consulting services offering:
  • Telecommunications License specifications
  • Spectrum Management
  • Universal Service implementation strategy
  • Business case and opportunity assessment
  • Technology roadmap